S.P.J Sadhana School

Empowering persons with special needs.

Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission Provision of non-residential therapeutic, educational and vocational development to mentally challenged children with multiple disabilities; to maximize their potential and to make them productive and whole members of society.


Enhanced Learning Centre / Alternative Therapies

Vision and Mission
On 15th June 2012, the school inaugurated it's extensive new therapy department. The therapies are holistic and help in all round development of the student.


For Parents

For Parnets
To be a strong support system to the mentally handicapped students, the parents and siblings are encouraged to accept the reality of the students problems and to aim at making their child independent in as many ways as possible.
To counsel the student and parent on the life goal by identifying the skills the student is good at and enjoys doing.

For Donors

For Funders
  • Sponsorship of children education, events,
    equipment or items on wish list.
  • Corporate Pledging.
  • Corporate Social Responsibilities for staff .
    salaries, therapists and new program.

From the Desk of the Principal

Form the Desk of the Principal

Achievements and Awards

Achievements & Awards Dr. Radhike Khanna, Vice Principal, was presented Indian Achiever Award for Best Social Worker by All India Business Development Association.